Famous Athletes that have dated pornstars

It’s a well-known fact that famous people tend to date other famous people. What isn’t quite as well-known is that famous athletes and sportsmen have quite the penchant for dating pornstars. This can be explained in many ways. The simplest is that they’re simply hot women that have the confidence and presence to catch an athlete’s eye.

After all, the sexual presence of one of these women cannot be denied. This is probably what has lead so many young athletes into relationships with them.

1.Barry Bonds

He is one of the older folks here. Barry Bonds, who once set the MLB record for number of home runs, dated Devon Shire early in his career. He had a relationship with young and stunning porn star. She later claimed that the sportsman had impregnated her. These accusations weren’t validated by Bonds. However he split from his wife not even a year after the fact.

Shire went on in her athlete-seducing campaign, and managed to win the heart of NFL player Al Crowlings. Unfortunately, she cut her ties with the sports world after accusing O.J. Simpson of murder.


A known womanizer, Tiger Woods has been known to indulge himself in sexual sessions with pornstars quite often. There were quite a few scandals at the start of the millennium. However the one that stands out the most is his affair with the busty brunette bombshell, Joslyn James.

Joslyn, after what can only be presumed to be a rough patch with Woods, publicized many sexual messages between them. Additionally, she wanted to speak with Tiger’s ex-wife, probably about the allegation that he got her pregnant. It seems like pornstars dating athletes have quite a penchant for revealing their adventures.

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3.Christiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is well known for his soccer worldwide. As the winner of many individual soccer prizes, it is no surprise he was seen as the ideal male form for many girls. One of his fans was Kim Kardashian, who is these days known for many more things than porn. However, her rise to fame did start from her sextapes. Kim’s lack of porn content could make her inclusion here shaky. However, because her videos are so popular, we felt it was justified. She and the Portugese soccer player had a heated, but short-lived relationship, breaking up after merely one month together.

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4.Ronaldinho And Mario Balotelli

Ronaldinho and Mario Balotelli are joined in a rather weird fashion: Both of them dated the same pornstar: Sara Tommasi. She went from appearing in porn videos to dating big soccer stars.  Heck, she even became the manager of Marruvium. While Ronaldinho dated the pornstar for only a year, it is undeniable it contributed to her status.

5.Justin Brent

All of us know Lisa Ann, but Justin Brent, the wide receiver for Notre Dame, knows her better than most. The freshman has been seen in bed with the pornstar rather publicly. Proud of her achievement, Lisa Ann publicly announced: “Older men have had beautiful young women on their arms in the past, now it’s MY turn to mix it up!’’ Brent didn’t seem dissatisfied with this however, as he was wearing quite the large smile in their photo together. After all, what 19 year old freshman doesn’t think about lying (and more) in bed with a woman like Lisa Ann?